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Version 0.9.0


  • Redesigned large parts of the library related to type-safe actors:
    • No more thread-local self, because it can only return a type-erased handle
    • New type actor replaces actor_ptr, can be used to send any message
    • New type actor_addr can only be used for monitoring and identifying actors
    • New type exit_msg is now used instead of messages using the atom EXIT
    • New type down_msg is now used instead of messages using the atom DOWN
    • New header system_messages.hpp for message types used by the runtime
  • Announce properly handles empty & POD types

Version 0.8.1


  • GCC 4.7 compatibility
  • Fixed handling of partial functions in match_expr_concat
  • Serialize floating points as IEEE 754
  • Removed ftemplate-backtrace-limit option (causes build error in GCC 4.7)

Version 0.8


  • Added support for typed actors
  • Added brokers: actors that encapsulate networking
  • timed_* function family now correctly handles priorities
  • Fixed monitoring of remote actors
  • Added new exit reason user_shutdown
  • Deprecated reply function and recommend returning values instead
  • Provide operator-> for optional
  • New class optional_variant with visitor-based API
  • Added manual to Git repository
  • Added new libCURL example
  • Bugfixes

Version 0.7.2


  • Fixed a bug in the chaining implementation

Version 0.7.1


  • Fixed type name lookup
  • Workaround for GCC 4.8 SFINAE
  • Do not call grep/ifconfig for host information on Linux
  • Fixed printer example in manual (Section 6.1)

Version 0.7


  • Default actor impl. is now event-based
  • Unified spawn options
  • Blocking API still available, but opt-in
  • Priority-based messaging (opt-in feature)
  • Support for OpenCL-based actors (enable with --with-opencl)
  • Changed license to LGPL 2.1
  • Added gval for guard expression
  • Implemented thread-mapped, event-based actors

Version 0.6


  • Added quit_actor function to terminate actors
  • Added continuation feature to non-blocking API
  • Allow functor-only usage of then and await
  • Support for Boost 1.53
  • Fixed timing bug in synchronous response handling
  • Better diagnostics in unit tests
  • Use -O3 for release build, because -O4 is broken in Clang
  • Auto-reply EXITED to orphaned sync requests
  • Added partial_function::or_else to concatenate partial functions
  • New timed_sync_send API with different timeout handling
  • Added on_sync_failure and on_sync_timeout handlers for sync messaging
  • Added skip_message helper to allow users to skip messages manually

Version 0.5.5


  • Cover aout in manual
  • Solved bug in chaining implementation
  • Added support for Boost.Context 1.51
  • Use memory::create rather than new for all actors
  • Simplified invoke process of match_expr

Version 0.5.4


  • Update libcppa to work with Boost.Context 1.52
  • Fix possible memory corruption in behavior_stack
  • Fix fiber implementaiton if compiling without Boost.Context

Version 0.5.3


  • Improved memory management
    • Use a per-thread memory cache for recursive_queue_node and actor objects
    • Allocate ~1kb worth ob objects rather than allocating each object with new
    • Destroyed objects are returned to the cache and re-used later
  • Add intrusive_fwd_ptr to support counted pointers for forward declared types
  • Qt example for group chat, highlighting actor_widget_mixin

Version 0.5.2


  • Fixed Bug in CMake when compiling w/o Boost.Context
  • Added --bulid-static and --build-static-only flags to configure script
  • Moved benchmarks folder to own repository

Version 0.5.1


  • Added make_response_handle which allows an actor to reply to message later
  • Replace continuable_writer with continuable_io : continuable_reader
  • No more multiple inheritance in default_peer (derives continuable_io)
  • MM reports IO failures to corresponding objects
  • New behavior in default protocol regarding outgoing messages:
    • default_peer uses FIFO queue for outgoing messages
    • queue stores messages even if no active connection is available
    • new connections then check for previously enqueued messages first

Version 0.5


  • New logging facility
    • must be enabled using --with-cppa-log-level=LEVEL (TRACE-ERROR)
    • --enable-debug also enables ERROR log level implicitly
    • output files are named libcppa_PID_TIMESTAMP.log
    • log format is Log4j-like
  • New middleman (MM) architecture
    • MM multiplexes sockets but no longer knows communication internas
    • new protocol interface encapsulates any communication
    • users can add new communication protocols to MM
    • previously used binary protocol is not called 'DEFAULT'
    • MM provides run_later function to hook code into MM event-loop
  • New class: weak_intrusive_ptr
    • ref_counted has protected destructor to enforce use of request_deletion
    • default request_deletion calls delete
    • enable_weak_ptr_mixin overrides request_deletion to invalidate weak ptrs
  • Fixed issue #75: peers hold weak pointers to proxies (breaks cyclic refs)
  • actor_companion_mixin allows non-actor classes to communicate as/to actors
  • actor_proxy became an abstract class; must be implemented for each protocol
  • Removed global proxy cache singleton
  • actor_addressing manages proxies; must be implemented for each protocol
  • New factory function: make_counted (similar to std::make_shared)
  • Bugfix: reply matches correct message on nested receives

Version 0.4.2


  • Refactored announce
    • accept recursive containers, e.g., vector<vector<double>>
    • allow user-defined types as members of announced types
    • all-new, policy-based implementation
  • Use poll rather than select in middleman (based on the patch by ArtemGr)

Version 0.4.1


  • Bugfix: shutdown caused segfault if no scheduler or middleman was started

Version 0.4


  • New network layer implementation
  • Added acceptor and input/output stream interfaces
  • Added overload for publish and remote_actor using the new interfaces
  • Changed group::add_module to take unique_ptr rather than a raw pointer
  • Refactored serialization process for group_ptr
  • Changed anyonymous groups to use the implementation of the "local" module
  • Added scheduled_and_hidden policy for system-internal, event-based actors
  • Enabled serialization of floating point values
  • Added shutdown function
  • Implemented broker-based forwarding of local groups for 'pseudo multicast'
  • Added then and await member functions to message_future
  • Do not send more than one response message with reply

Version 0.3.3


  • Bugfix: serialize message id for synchronous messaging
  • Added macro to unit_testing/CMakeLists.txt for less verbose CMake setup
  • Added function "forward_to" to enable transparent forwarding of sync requests
  • Removed obsolete files (gen_server/* and queue_performances/*)
  • Bugfix: avoid possible stack overflow in debug mode for test__spawn
  • Added functions "send_tuple", "sync_send_tuple" and "reply_tuple"
  • Let "make" fail on first error in dual-build mode
  • Added rvalue overload for receive_loop
  • Added "delayed_send_tuple" and "delayed_reply_tuple"

Version 0.3.2


  • Bugfix: added 'bool' to the list of announced types

Version 0.3.1


  • Bugfix: always return from a synchronous handler if a timeout occurs
  • Bugfix: request next timeout after timeout handler invocation if needed

Version 0.3


  • Implemented synchronous messages
  • The function become() no longer accepts pointers
  • Provide --disable-context-switching option to bypass Boost.Context if needed
  • Configure script to hide CMake details behind a nice interface
  • Include "tuple_cast.hpp" in "cppa.hpp"
  • Added forwarding header "cppa_fwd.hpp"
  • Allow raw read & write operations in synchronization interface
  • Group subscriptions are no longer attachables

Version 0.2.1


  • More efficient behavior implementation
  • Relaxed definition of become to accept const lvalue references as well

Version 0.2


  • Removed become_void [use quit instead]
  • Renamed future_send to delayed_send
  • Removed stacked_actor; moved functionality to event_based_actor
  • Renamed fsm_actor to sb_actor
  • Refactored spawn: spawn(new T(...)) => spawn<T>(...)
  • Implemented become & unbecome for context-switching & thread-mapped actors
  • Moved become & unbecome to local_actor
  • Ported libcppa from <ucontext.h> to Boost.Context library
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