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Dominik Charousset Neverlord authored
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+Version 0.3
+- Implemented synchronous messages
+- The function become() no longer accepts pointers
+- Provide --disable-context-switching option to bypass Boost.Context if needed
+- Configure script to hide CMake details behind a nice interface
+- Include "tuple_cast.hpp" in "cppa.hpp"
+- Added forwarding header "cppa_fwd.hpp"
+- Allow raw read & write operations in synchronization interface
+- Group subscriptions are no longer attachables
Version 0.2.1

2 comments on commit d33d5b2

Matthias Vallentin

What is an attachable?

Dominik Charousset

Attachables are small function wrapper that an actor executes on termination. See, and the attach() member function of class actor:

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