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Version 0.11 introduces new, optional components:

  • RIAC bundles classes and functions for "Runtime Inspection and Configuration"
  • The Nexus is the central component for CAF's runtime inspection toolkit
  • CASH, the "C++ Actor SHell", is an interactive debugging shell for CAF applications using RIAC

Please note that these components are alpha releases and thus work in progress. You can read more about our new debugging toolkit in the Wiki.

The OpenCL binding for CAF is now available as submodule as well. However, the main repository is still usable without checking out any submodule and provides the same functionality as before, i.e., it contains libcaf_core, libcaf_io, and the manual.

The core components received optimizations and bugfixes. A possibly breaking change to 0.10 is that the member function on_exit is no longer virtual. You can still provide it to define a custom exit handler, but you must not use override.