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Version 0.12.0

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@Neverlord Neverlord released this 07 Jan 15:28
· 5756 commits to master since this release

This release adds FreeBSD to the list of officially supported operating systems. Notable changes are:

  • Removed automated demangling of type names (#205)
  • Fixed a memory leak in become (#206)
  • Improves interface definition for typed actors by adding either/or return type and atom constants (8351e0f, 1c447b6)
  • Removed dependency to deprecated cppa headers (#213)
  • Fix quoting issue in configure script (#217)
  • Removed clumsy, slow, and unused .continue_with() feature (9934dbc)
  • Fix potential memory corruption in message_handler::or_else (0c0fc1c)
  • Improved unit tests