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CAF Benchmark Suite

The CAF benchmark suite consits of a set of microbenchmarks implemented for various platforms and shell scripts to generate the results. Please note that the shell scripts are only tested under Linux.

Run Benchmark Suite

You may run all benchmarks as root using script/caf_run_benchmarks.

Scripts and Files

Implementations of all benchmark programs can be found under src/$PLATOFRM. Utility scripts required to run the benchmark suite can be found in scripts. Note that some scripts are generated from src/scripts and are only available after the CMake setup.

  • scripts/activate_cores activates a given number of CPU cores
  • script/run starts a single benchmark program
  • script/caf_run_benchmarks runs the benchmark suite

The benchmark suite also contains two C++ tool applications.

  • tools/caf_run_bench.cpp measure runtime and memory consumption for a single benchmark program
  • tools/to_dat.cpp converts the raw output from caf_run_bench into CSV files that can be plottet

Add a benchmark

Add implementations for a new platform to src/$PLATOFRM, add the building steps to CMake, and adjust run by adding a section under case "$impl" ... for your benchmarks.