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@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ \subsection{Command Line Options and INI Configuration Files}
\lib organizes program options in categories and parses CLI arguments as well as INI files. CLI arguments override values in the INI file which override hard-coded defaults. Users can add any number of custom program options by implementing a subtype of \lstinline^actor_system_config^. The example below adds three options to the ``global'' category.
The line \lstinline^opt_group{custom_options_, "global"}^ adds the ``global'' category to the config parser. The following calls to \lstinline^add^ then append individual options to the category. The first argument to \lstinline^add^ is the associated variable. The second argument is the name for the parameter, optionally suffixed with a comma-separated single-character short name. The short name is only considered for CLI parsing and allows users to abbreviate commonly used option names. The third and final argument to \lstinline^add^ is a help text.

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