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Actor Messaging platform

Actor is a platform for instant messaging. Actor provides features like:

  • large group chats;
  • unlimited history storage;
  • file sharing;
  • phone and email authentication via one time passwords;
  • easy integration with external services.

Actor has one of the best IM apps for Android, iOS, and Web. Thay are designed to handle poor connectivity, support offline messaging experience and file storage in applications, and also build contact lists automatically!

The Actor Platform is good for improving enterprise communications, building a message-oriented startup, or building a country-wide national messenger. If you’re interested in something like this, or happen to have any questions about the platform, you can always ask us by sending an email to

This repository contains all of the source code you need to start your own server and/or build your own iOS, Android, Web or Desktop applications.

Available clients

Lastest SDK versions

Platform Link
Server Maven Central
Android Maven Central
iOS CocoaPods


Documentation is available at our Actor Developer Hub

Build your own Actor

Our Actor Bootstrap repository contains useful templates you'll need to start running your own server or build your own iOS, Android, Web or Desktop applications.

Community Support

Keep in touch with the Actor community in our group chat.



Actor Platform is released under AGPL.