Dust ist a Command line Suite to support retro development for Mac OSX Users.
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(c) actraiser/Dustlayer

Dustlayer WHQ: http://dustlayer.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dustlayer.c64.coding
Twitter: https://twitter.com/actraiser
Email: actraiser@dustlayer.com

Dust is part of a bigger project consisting of a blog with coding tutorials and various projects. Check the Website.


Dust ist a node.js driven versatile command line suite for new and experienced C64 programmers on Mac OSX. This first version installs and configures the tool chain and helps you to kickstart cross-development projects.

Feature List

  • Cross Development Setup Installer
    • Installs and configures all tools required for efficient C64 Coding (currently only OSX)
      • ACME
      • Vice
      • Crunchers
      • and more
    • Automatic Sublime Installation and Configuration
      • 6502 and BASIC syntax highlighting
      • Instangt Build & Run Options for ASM and BASIC projects
      • Auto-Start in Vice via BASIC loader
  • Advanced Vice integration
    • Labels export to Vice Monitor at Build time
    • Compile and Run in Vice from Editor
  • C64 Coding Tutorials
    • Generate new ASM or BASIC project from Tutorials Database
      • Preconfigured Projects with BASIC Loader
      • Follows Dustlayer project layout
        • Runs and Compiles without modifications


Install node.js from nodejs.org for your operating system. Then install dust via the node package manager

sudo npm install -g dustlayer

Then you are good to go, typical you want to setup the tools:

dust setup

[... once this is done ...]

dust test # shows if everything is in place

Download a tutorial to check if your setup works:

cd ~
dust tutorials # list tutorial code and select one for download
# cd into the directory and run dust compile    
dust compile # compiles the C64 code and runs it in the C64 Emulator

or open the project in Sublime first and build from context menu

# cd into the directory 
sublime .

Then hit CMD-B - if nothing happens, you need to select one time the appropriate build system in Tools->Build System->C64-6502, then hit again CMD-B

Checkout http://dustlayer.com for tutorials and an indepth explanation how all that stuff works.