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%link{rel: "stylesheet", type: "text/css", href: "css/main.css"}
%script{type: "text/javascript", src: ""}
%script{type: "text/javascript", src: "js/application.js"}
%a{href: ""}
%img#logo{src: "images/logo.png"}
%h1 Documentation
%h3 Pages
- pages.each do |pg|
- file_name = pg.split("/").last.split(".").first
%a{href: "#{file_name}.html"}= file_name.gsub("_", " ")
%h3 Ruby Source
- rb_files.each do |pg|
- file_name = pg.split("/")[4..-1].join("/")
%a{href: "rocco_rb/lib/#{file_name}"}= file_name
%h3 Javascript Source
- js_files.each do |pg|
- file_name = pg.split("/")[6..-1].join("/")
%a{href: "rocco_js/lib/public/javascripts/#{file_name}"}= file_name
%h2#content_header= current_file.split("/")[2..-1].join("/")
= yield{src: "images/cloud1.png"}{src: "images/cloud2.png"}{src: "images/cloud3.png"}{src: "images/cloud4.png"}{src: "images/cloud5.png"}{src: "images/cloud6.png"}{src: "images/cloud7.png"}
%p and all associated content are licensed under the MIT license.
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