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Michael Tomer actsasbuffoon

Can't use Contracts with define_method in a module
  • @actsasbuffoon 5df0655
    Create new Redis process for SCAN test
actsasbuffoon commented on pull request etaty/rediscala#95

@etaty: Maybe launch Scan Test with his own redis Server? I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean I should put the scan commands in a separate tes…

  • @actsasbuffoon 8e6daa8
    Create Cursor case class for scan commands
  • @actsasbuffoon 91ec0af
    Deserialize doubles correctly in ZSCAN
  • @actsasbuffoon b3e51c1
    ZSCAN shouldn't return Map
actsasbuffoon opened pull request etaty/rediscala#95
Add scan commands
1 commit with 159 additions and 4 deletions
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