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A2R Framework
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A2R Framework

A2R Framework

The isomorphic and reactive framework that scales.

How to use


  • Node.js: v10.10 or higher. If you have any problem related with Node.js version, we recommend you to use nvm.


  • VS Code: VS Code is our recommended code editor. Some framework features are exclusive for VS Code.


Create a folder and initialize A2R:

npx a2r --init


Once initialized, you can start working:

npx a2r --dev


Update to framework's latest version:

npx a2r --update


Initial setup

Framework will do everything for you, but of course you can change settings anytime you want. We include our opinionated linter settings, our default styles, etc. If you are using VSCode, we have some snippets for you and also you'll see our recommended extensions when you open the marketplace.

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