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  • Fix the linux build! You should no longer see a "glibc version not found" error.
  • Update the internal mechanism for communicating between processes. This is big internal change and the only noticable effect should be improved performance. If you notice anything wrong, please contact us or join our Slack.
  • Make account field editable and enable transactions to be added on the "All Accounts" page
  • Make the date input always respect the current date format
  • Don't show a negative sign in the budget totals row if the amount is 0
  • Fix bug where recently added transactions could not be split
  • Fix about window
  • Title-case payees with non-latin character betters. Now, KÖLN will be title-cased to Köln instead of KöLn.
  • Properly create a transfer when importing transactions and automatically matching on transfer payees via rules
  • Always show the "create new payee" menu item at the top of the list of the payee autocomplete. Sometimes it wouldn't be shown.
  • Improved notification style
  • Show closed accounts in sidebar instead of on "All Accounts" page
  • Make the account header section always have consistent height regardless of contents
  • Fix a regression from 0.0.98 where closing an account didn't properly create a transfer transaction
  • Fix a bug where sometimes creating a new local account wouldn't show the existing balance
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@jlongster jlongster released this May 6, 2019

Important note: the new payees feature requires your data format to be updated. You can only do this on desktop, and on first run you will be prompted to perform the update. After updating, syncing the mobile app will update your mobile budget (it may take a while to sync). Make sure you've downloaded the latest mobile app. Your transaction data will look wrong until you've completed this update.

  • An experimental linux build is available
  • Payees are now first-class and can be autocompleted, given default categories, and will be automatically matched via rules. You can manage them through a powerful payee editor where you can merge payees and change their rules. All existing payees will automatically be upgraded to be compatible, and payees have been integrated on both desktop & mobile apps.
  • Title case all payees when importing
  • Redesigned keyboard interactions with transactions. Enter/shift+enter go up and down, removed arrow key movement, and greatly improved UX around interacting with dropdowns
  • Make adding new transactions more intuitive as well: pressing enter in either the payment or deposit field will add it
  • Always properly add new category groups at the end of list, and fix styling issues with that workflow
  • Add a confirmation step when deleting a group, because it was just too easy (undo will come later!)
  • Allow date formats to be entered as just MM/DD, so 5/3 would be interpreted as May 3, 2019
  • Fix a bug where sometimes similar categories couldn't be selected ("Work" and "Work Expenses")
  • When loading a backup, disable syncing so that it doesn't sync with the latest data. You will need to re-setup syncing across all devices if loading a backup.
  • Show the available backups if a budget fails to load. This gives the user a chance to downgrade to a previous version of Actual if an update goes wrong and messes up data.
  • Add the undocumented ability to search specific transaction fields with the format field:value, so amount:120 would show all transactions with amounts of 120.00, and payee:target would only search the payee, etc
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes transaction search results didn't reflect the latest text entered by the user
  • Fix a bug where navigating away from the cash flow or net worth graph would crash the app
  • On macOS, change the behavior of closing the window so that it doesn't quit the app. Also change the "Close Budget" menu item to "Open Budget", and change the keybinding from cmd+W to cmd+O to show the budget list. This frees up cmd+W for the native behavior of closing the window.
  • Fixed a bug where a "Sync Error" would appear even though no error occurred
    Improved stability of filtering and splitting transactions
  • Many other small bugs fixed
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@jlongster jlongster released this Feb 15, 2019

  • The "Show Running Balances" option for accounts now persists for each account
  • Fix a few small bugs in the subscription process, like calculating the number of days remaining in the trial (isn't daily savings the worst?)
  • Fixed a bug where a split transaction could be modified during a file import causing that account to be permanently broken. Effected accounts should display now. You may see an "orphaned transaction" with a red background that you need to delete. The underlying cause for this bug has been fixed.
  • Added some better internal logging to debug some obscure errors being reported. No personal data is transmitted but these errors will now better point to the source of the problem when they are logged.
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@jlongster jlongster released this Feb 7, 2019


  • Fix file type detection when importing files (make it case-insensitive and allow arbitrary characters in the filename)
  • Support the macOS mode where scrollbars are always shown
  • Fix bugs when creating an account when the Starting Balance category has been deleted
  • Improve the workflow for deleting a category and transfering to another category, and make sure all of the values in the budget are updated after transferring
  • The category typeahead now also matching group names
  • Fix a few bugs with YNAB4 importing
  • The payee typeahead no longer selects the first item by default, so you can enter a payee even if it matches an account in the dropdown
  • Fix transaction count when adding or deleting transactions
  • Avoid losing focus on an input when the app goes into the background
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@jlongster jlongster released this Jun 19, 2018

tldr: Fix QIF importing, add new transactions workflow tweaks

This is a small release with the following fixes:

  • You can import QIF files again. Unfortunately when porting to Windows, a bug was introduced that made it so that the file selection dialog could only select folders. This should be fixed.

  • When adding a new transaction, pressing enter or tab when the last field is focused will now add the new transaction and re-focus the date field, instead of moving down to the first transaction in the list.

Most of the work in the last couple weeks has been around the mobile app. It's starting to come together but there's still a lot of work to be done!

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@jlongster jlongster released this May 30, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

tldr: Windows version, and fix regression with many of the budget actions


After toiling away in a new world filled with strange noises, smells, and backslashes, I'm happy to announce an official Windows version of Actual! The download at should automatically download it if you are on Windows, or you can download the exe file below. It's a one-click installer and will painlessly install Actual.

Additionally, it features seamless auto-updating just like macOS, so from now on you will get updates automatically. When the app is updated, you will see a notification in the lower right corner.

screen shot 2018-05-30 at 12 41 33 pm

So far it has only been tested on Windows 10, but it should run on Windows 7 as well. Please report bugs in the various channels listed on !

Bug fixes

The only other changes in this version fix bugs on the budget page. 0.0.68 contained broad changes and introduced several regressions with many of the budget actions (moving money around). All of those menus should work again.

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@jlongster jlongster released this May 18, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

tldr: Join us on slack, major loading improvements, and more bug fixes.

This release has taken a while to finalize because of a major life event: my wife and I had a baby almost two weeks ago! Now that we're coming out of the fog, it's time to ramp up work on Actual again.

This release includes some major performance improvements with loading the app. Additionally, a Slack workspace has been created to involve the community better.


This release includes some pretty major changes to critical parts of the app, and I wanted a way to interact with the community better and be alerted of any major problems with the new version. Slack will also allow a community to build and easier discussion of new features.

I'd love to chat if you are using Actual and have ideas! Head over to to join.

Major Loading & Importing Improvements

Previously, when the app loads it recomputed the entire world. This happens to make sure the app was always correct and made it easier to track down bugs. Now that the app is relatively stable, I've implemented a caching mechanism so that future loads of a budget simply reads from a cache.

For budgets that span a long period of time (2+ years) and contains lots of transactions, recomputing the entire world is very expensive. It gets worse the more data it has. With the new caching mechanism, loading a budget should take less than a second no matter how much data it has.

I tested with a budget with 6 years worth of test data and loading went from 35 seconds to 0.8 seconds.

Additionally, importing a budget from YNAB has been greatly optimized and will be anywhere from 2-5x faster.

If you tried importing an existing large budget from YNAB before and the loading time was unacceptable, please try it again!

Bug fixes

  • If you try to add a category with a name that already exists, an error will be shown.

  • A bug was fixed that caused the first category group to always be in the editing state after a certain sequence of actions.

  • Fix a bug in the backup logic that would cause it to always think you were viewing a reverted version (and would erroneously offer the option to go back to the original version)

  • New technique for cleaning up after itself when the app closes. Previously it was possible (although rare) for the backend to shut down after resuming your computer from sleep.

As always, please let me know on twitter or at if there are any problems! Or even better: join slack!

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@jlongster jlongster released this May 1, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

tldr: New about window, automatic backups, and minor UI fixes

Happy Tuesday!

This updates adds a few major features to improve the app's resilience:

  • Backups Your data will now automatically be backed up every 15 minutes. Up to 3 backups are always kept around for the current day, and up to 10 backups from previous days are kept. This means if you use the app every day, you will always have backups from 10 days ago up until 15 minutes ago. You can load a backup with the File > Load Backup... menu item.

  • A new about page with a manual auto-update check. Checking for an update in the about page will show any errors that happens during the process. (The app still silently automatically updates in the background when it can)

  • Previously, an internal process could be leftover after exiting the app, causing problems in the future when launching the app again. It has been made much more resilient to problems and will quietly destroy itself if it finds out the app has exited. Additionally, the app always guarantees that it will never connect to any process leftover from previous instances.

Additionally, several small UI bugs have been fixed:

  • The keybinding for submitting a new transaction has been changed to "alt+enter", and the "alt+enter" keybindings for moving around the transaction table has been removed. You can already freely move around the table with "alt+arrow keys".

  • You can now navigate between pages: ⌘+1 shows the budget page, ⌘+2 shows reports, and ⌘+3 shows accounts.

  • You can now freely move around the budget page with alt+arrow keys, just like the transactions table

  • The icon is slightly larger to better match the expected icon size

  • A few other minor UI bugs on the accounts page has been fixed


You can email or talk on twitter.

There is also a trello board! Don't forget to go in there and vote on features to help me prioritize. You can even submit new features by sending an email to, and they will show up on the board. The subject will become the cards title, and you can read more formatting options here.

The Future

Things might feel a little slow in the next month because I'm starting to put together the mobile app. Mobile is a crucial aspect of this workflow so I want to involve it early so technical and design decisions have mobile in mind. I will still aim for weekly releases, and you can see the planned features on the trello board.

Additionally, I have hired a designer for logo and branding work. Expect a visual refresh soon.

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@jlongster jlongster released this Apr 20, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

tldr: Revamped keyboard bindings for the transaction table

New keyboard bindings

This update focuses on keyboard bindings. We are getting closer to a well-defined and consistent experience, and I'm optimistic that these new bindings will work for the long-term. Previously, tab & enter were slightly different (tab saves values from text inputs, but not if you've selected an item from a dropdown, while enter does). Shift+arrow keys moved around, which conflicted with the text input editing. Here are the new bindings:

  • Tab/enter are exactly the same. It moves to the right, and saves the value. If you've selected an item in a dropdown, it will always be saved.
  • Shift+tab/enter behave the same, except it moves to the left

Those are considered the "core" bindings that a lot of people will use. Since pressing tab at the end of the row will move you to the first field in the next row, it allows you to quickly go through transactions and update each field on the way (like updating the payee, categorizing, and then tabbing through to the next transaction).

There are more advanced bindings when you want more powerful navigation, enabled by Alt:

  • Alt+enter moves down (to the next row)
  • Shift+alt+enter moves up (to the previous row)
  • Alt+arrow keys move in any direction

I don't think these conflict with any existing keybindings that users would use. While it's not as easy as a spreadsheet, it's a good compromise, allowing users to use them when needed but still keep the clarity and simplicity of focusing cells.

I played around with the idea of having enter/shift+enter move up and down, but it was far too confusing. The fact is, this is not a spreadsheet and is much more like a database. Users naturally want to hit "enter" to select an item in the dropdown, and early testers found it confusing that in those cases it moved down (when they wanted to move right). Even worse, when users would hit enter instead of tab when adding a new transaction, they would move down into the transaction table and be confused again.

I also explored the idea of a true spreadsheet-style modal editing system, where users can activate a mode where cells are "highlighted" but not being edited, and arrow keys move around, and pressing enter starts "editing" a cell. The complexity for this was not worth it, as again, this is not a spreadsheet and users not familiar with spreadsheets should not feel scared of it. It's extremely important to me that users new to editing data feel welcomed and are encouraged to use it. Clicking cells, making it clear that they can type data, and pressing tab/enter to save and move to the right is core to that simple and welcoming experience.

Various bug fixes

Several minor internal bug fixes and cleanup has happened to prepare for future features. Things to note:

  • The net worth graph had a regression where it always drew a line, even in the positive range. This was due to a bug in a dependency used to render the graphs. This is has been fixed and will now render blue for positive amounts.
  • Split transactions will always keep the order in which you added them. Previously this wasn't guaranteed.


Lastly, much of the time over the last week was spent on something that users don't see: UI tests. A lot of tests now ensure that the app is functioning properly, which will prevent regressions in the future and allow us to continuously ship a stable app that is evolving forwards.

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