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@jlongster jlongster released this Jan 3, 2020

This is another small release only for desktop with a few fixes and tweaks. I've also updated the roadmap on trello see check it out and file any new bug/feature requests.

A quick note: have you had problems with deleting categories and transferring them to another one? I'd like to hear from you. I'm looking into a common error reported, but haven't been able to reproduce or find anyone who has that problem. What happens is you delete a category and transfer its budget over, the category gets removed but the budget doesn't update. If you restart Actual, the deleted category is back. This is because an error occurred while deleting and it wasn't actually deleted.


  • When importing transactions and matching them with existing ones, previously the system would look back 10 days and try to find a transaction that matches. Since we relaxed how it matches payees a while ago, we've tightened it up to only look back 5 days. A transaction will only match another if the other one exists within the last 5 days.
  • Fix a bug on Windows where sometimes the budget page would start shaking. This happens when the window happens to be a specific size.
  • Sometimes the "an error occurred, sorry!" notification wasn't showing up when something went wrong in the backend, making you think everything worked when it really didn't. It should now always show when something goes wrong (which is rare).
  • Ignore any payee rules that have an empty value. Now if you have a contains rule that's empty, all future transactions won't match to it.
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