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@jlongster jlongster released this May 6, 2019

Important note: the new payees feature requires your data format to be updated. You can only do this on desktop, and on first run you will be prompted to perform the update. After updating, syncing the mobile app will update your mobile budget (it may take a while to sync). Make sure you've downloaded the latest mobile app. Your transaction data will look wrong until you've completed this update.

  • An experimental linux build is available
  • Payees are now first-class and can be autocompleted, given default categories, and will be automatically matched via rules. You can manage them through a powerful payee editor where you can merge payees and change their rules. All existing payees will automatically be upgraded to be compatible, and payees have been integrated on both desktop & mobile apps.
  • Title case all payees when importing
  • Redesigned keyboard interactions with transactions. Enter/shift+enter go up and down, removed arrow key movement, and greatly improved UX around interacting with dropdowns
  • Make adding new transactions more intuitive as well: pressing enter in either the payment or deposit field will add it
  • Always properly add new category groups at the end of list, and fix styling issues with that workflow
  • Add a confirmation step when deleting a group, because it was just too easy (undo will come later!)
  • Allow date formats to be entered as just MM/DD, so 5/3 would be interpreted as May 3, 2019
  • Fix a bug where sometimes similar categories couldn't be selected ("Work" and "Work Expenses")
  • When loading a backup, disable syncing so that it doesn't sync with the latest data. You will need to re-setup syncing across all devices if loading a backup.
  • Show the available backups if a budget fails to load. This gives the user a chance to downgrade to a previous version of Actual if an update goes wrong and messes up data.
  • Add the undocumented ability to search specific transaction fields with the format field:value, so amount:120 would show all transactions with amounts of 120.00, and payee:target would only search the payee, etc
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes transaction search results didn't reflect the latest text entered by the user
  • Fix a bug where navigating away from the cash flow or net worth graph would crash the app
  • On macOS, change the behavior of closing the window so that it doesn't quit the app. Also change the "Close Budget" menu item to "Open Budget", and change the keybinding from cmd+W to cmd+O to show the budget list. This frees up cmd+W for the native behavior of closing the window.
  • Fixed a bug where a "Sync Error" would appear even though no error occurred
    Improved stability of filtering and splitting transactions
  • Many other small bugs fixed
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