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  • Fix the linux build! You should no longer see a "glibc version not found" error.
  • Update the internal mechanism for communicating between processes. This is big internal change and the only noticable effect should be improved performance. If you notice anything wrong, please contact us or join our Slack.
  • Make account field editable and enable transactions to be added on the "All Accounts" page
  • Make the date input always respect the current date format
  • Don't show a negative sign in the budget totals row if the amount is 0
  • Fix bug where recently added transactions could not be split
  • Fix about window
  • Title-case payees with non-latin character betters. Now, KÖLN will be title-cased to Köln instead of KöLn.
  • Properly create a transfer when importing transactions and automatically matching on transfer payees via rules
  • Always show the "create new payee" menu item at the top of the list of the payee autocomplete. Sometimes it wouldn't be shown.
  • Improved notification style
  • Show closed accounts in sidebar instead of on "All Accounts" page
  • Make the account header section always have consistent height regardless of contents
  • Fix a regression from 0.0.98 where closing an account didn't properly create a transfer transaction
  • Fix a bug where sometimes creating a new local account wouldn't show the existing balance
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