iOS app demonstrating the authentication and ticket generating services of CAS.
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CAS Client.xcodeproj
CAS Client

Jasig CAS Client

Jasig CAS Client demonstrates authentication using the Jasig CAS RESTful API within an iOS application.

Using the packaged iOS application

Update the following variables found in the authenticate method within CAS Client/CASViewController.m to use valid credentials and Jasig CAS server:

  • username
  • password
  • casServer
  • casRestletPath

How It Works

  1. CAS.m:requestTGTWithUsername submits credentials to the Jasig CAS RESTful API expecting either a TicketGrantingTicket or failed authentication response.
  2. CAS.m:requestSTForService submits TicketGrantingTicket to Jasig CAS RESTful API expecting either a ServiceTicket or unsuccessful response.
  3. ServiceTicket appended on CAS protected URIs (e.g. http://localhost/protected/index.html?ticket=ST-1-FFDFHDSJKHSDFJKSDHFJKRUEYREWUIFSD2132)


See the LICENSE file