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* upon clickthrough of the email link, don't have the browser window close itself: #162
* passwords must be between 8 and 80 chars: #155
* improved handling of emailing & verification urls during local development & testing: #88
* language changes in dialog: #150
* many improvements to unit tests: #171
* forgotten password flow was broken with port to mysql, fixed: #170
* improved metrics reporting abstraction: #168
* moved all server logging into a single file: #169
* all files created at execution time are now in one location: #172
* developer ergonomics - improved colorized logging with terse webserver output to console
* always require a user to authenticate if they don't have an active session: #74
* improved CSRF protection to fix race conditions in previous train: #173
* massive zero-user-visibile refactoring of dialog javascript.
* fix cancel button in "waiting for verification state" (issue #147)
* all browserid source is now tri-licensed (MPL1.1/GPL/LGPL). (issue #141)
* fixes for mobile firefox (fennec). (issue #140)
* mysql support implemented for browserid (default persistence production) (issue #71)
* json persistence support added - a standalone dead simple persistence layer which is the default for local development and requires no external software.
* email secrets are now persisted in the database, so upon server restart outstanding verification links are no longer invalidated (issue #91)
* (website) styling changes - like fix issues where links on dev page were being displayed white on white.
* when user closes dialog without clicking "cancel", properly return 'null' to the webpage (via getVerifiedEmail callback) - issue #107
* improve checks to warn developer that prerequisite software is missing. issue #110
* parameterize software to support multiple deployment environments (dev/beta/prod) issues #102 & #52
* documentation updates.
* improved logging (using the winston logging framework for node.js)
* [website] fixed inclusion of youtube video (now over https to keep browsers from getting scared about mixed mode resource inclusion)
* beginning of time, everything is new.
* (2011.08.03) include youtube video embedding over https (issue #112)
* (2011.08.04) fix link in dialog (issue #116)
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