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;;; hs-process.el — Interaction with the inferior process.
;; Copyright (C) 2011 Chris Done
;; Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Stefan Monnier
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
;; License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see
;; <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'hs-lang-en)
(require 'hs-types)
(require 'cl)
(defun hs-cabal ())
(defun hs-cabal-build-interactive ()
"Build the current Cabal project."
(hs-cabal-build (hs-project)))
(defun hs-cabal-ido-interactive ()
"Interactively choose a cabal command to run."
(ido-completing-read (hs-lang-cabal-ido-command) hs-cabal-commands))))
(defun hs-cabal-script-interactive (&optional cmd)
"Run a Cabal command."
":!cd "
(hs-project-cabal-dir (hs-project))
" && "
(or cmd
(ido-completing-read (hs-lang-cabal-ido-script) hs-config-scripts))))))
(defun hs-cabal-command (project command)
"Send the Cabal build command."
(setf (hs-process-cmd (hs-project-process project)) 'arbitrary)
(hs-process-process (hs-project-process project))
(concat ":!cd " (hs-cabal-dir project)
" && " (if hs-config-use-cabal-dev
" " command
" && cd " (hs-process-current-dir (hs-project-process project)) "\n")))
(defvar hs-cabal-commands
(defun hs-cabal-build (project)
"Cabal build the given project."
(hs-cabal-command project "build")
(setf (hs-process-cmd (hs-project-process project)) 'build))
(defun hs-cabal-arbitrary-command (project command)
"Run an arbitrary Cabal command."
(concat (hs-lang-arbitrary-cabal-output)
(hs-cabal-command project command))
(defun hs-cabal-dir (project)
"Get the Cabal project dir."
(if (hs-project-cabal-dir project)
(hs-project-cabal-dir project)
(setf (hs-project-cabal-dir project)
(hs-project-process project))))))
(defun hs-cabal-find-file ()
"Return a buffer visiting the cabal file of the current directory, or nil."
(catch 'found
(let ((user (nth 2 (file-attributes default-directory)))
;; Abbreviate, so as to stop when we cross ~/.
(root (abbreviate-file-name default-directory))
(while (and root (equal user (nth 2 (file-attributes root))))
(if (setq files (directory-files root 'full "\\.cabal\\'"))
;; Avoid the .cabal directory.
(dolist (file files (throw 'found nil))
(unless (file-directory-p file)
(throw 'found file)))
(if (equal root
(setq root (file-name-directory
(directory-file-name root))))
(setq root nil))))
(defun hs-cabal-find-dir ()
"Use the .cabal file-finding function to find a dir."
(let ((file (hs-cabal-find-file)))
(when file
(file-name-directory file))))
(defun hs-cabal-get-dir ()
"Get the Cabal dir for a new project. Various ways of figuring this out,
and indeed just prompting the user. Do them all."
(let* ((file (hs-cabal-find-file))
(dir (when file (file-name-directory file))))
(apply 'hs-lang-cabal-dir (when dir (list file)))
(or dir default-directory))))
(defun hs-cabal-create ()
"Create a cabal file."
(let* ((package-name (read-from-minibuffer "Package name: "))
(version (read-from-minibuffer "Version: " "0.1"))
(license (ido-completing-read
"License: "
(author-name (read-from-minibuffer "Author name: "))
(maintainer-email (read-from-minibuffer "Maintainer email: "))
(project-homepage (read-from-minibuffer
"Project homepage/repo: "))
(synopsis (read-from-minibuffer "Synopsis: "))
(category (ido-completing-read "Category: "
(package-type (ido-completing-read "Package type: "
(setup-contents "import Distribution.Simple\nmain = defaultMain")
(concat "-- You should fill in a longer description"
" when you publish to Hackage.\n"
"-- \n"
"-- Hit `C-c c' to configure with this Cabal file.\n"
"-- Hit `C-c C-c' to build this Cabal project in"
"this or one of its associated files.\n"
"Name: " package-name "\n"
"Version: " version "\n"
"Synopsis: " synopsis "\n"
"Description: " synopsis "\n"
"Homepage: " project-homepage "\n"
"-- You should put a LICENSE file in "
"your directory when you publish to Hackage.\n"
"License: " license "\n"
"Author: " author-name "\n"
"Maintainer: " maintainer-email "\n"
"Copyright: " (format-time-string "%Y") " by " author-name "\n"
"Category: " category "\n"
"Build-type: " "Simple" "\n"
"Cabal-version: " ">=1.2\n\n"
(if (string= "Library" package-type)
(concat "Library\n"
"-- Exposed-modules: \n"
"-- Build-depends: \n"
"-- Other-modules: \n"
"-- Build-tools: \n")
(concat "Executable " package-name "\n"
" -- .hs containing the Main module.\n"
" Main-is: Main.hs\n"
" Hs-source-dirs: src\n"
" -- Packages needed in order to build this package.\n"
" Build-depends: base > 4 && < 5\n"
" -- Modules not exported by this package "
"but required when distributing for Hackage.\n"
" -- Other-modules: \n"
" -- Extra tools (e.g. alex, hsc2hs, ...):"
" -- Build-tools: "))))
(main-contents (format (concat "{-# OPTIONS -Wall #-}\n\n"
"-- | Main entry point to project %s.\n\n"
"module Main where\n\n"
"-- | Main entry point.\n"
"main :: IO ()\n"
"main = return ()\n")
(cabal-file (concat package-name ".cabal"))
(cabal-buffer (get-buffer-create cabal-file))
(setup-buffer (get-buffer-create "Setup.hs"))
(main-buffer (when (string= "Executable" package-type)
(get-buffer-create "Main.hs")))
(directory (hs-cabal-get-directory
(format "A .cabal%s and Setup.hs buffer have been created. "
(if (string= "Executable" package-type)
", Main.hs"
(when (string= "Executable" package-type)
(make-directory (concat directory "/src") t))
(with-current-buffer cabal-buffer
(insert cabal-contents)
(write-file (concat directory "/" cabal-file)))
(with-current-buffer setup-buffer
(insert setup-contents)
(write-file (concat directory "/" "Setup.hs")))
(when (string= "Executable" package-type)
(with-current-buffer main-buffer
(insert main-contents)
(write-file (concat directory "/src/Main.hs"))))
(switch-to-buffer cabal-buffer)))
(defun hs-cabal-get-directory (msg)
"Prompt for a directory, keep asking until we get one that
exists or to create one."
(let ((directory (read-from-minibuffer
(concat msg
"Project directory to save them in: ")
(if (file-directory-p directory)
(if (y-or-n-p "Directory doesn't exist, create it [and parents]? ")
(progn (make-directory directory t)
(hs-cabal-get-directory "")))))
(provide 'hs-cabal)