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This repository contains simple examples to quickly set up a standard Jetstream image with Docker, Globus Personal Connect, Singularity, and other useful tools.

Also included are some large-ish Docker images that we pull at setup time so they are ready to go, but because they are on the large-ish side you probably want to use at least an m1.small Jetstream instance (2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, 20 GB local storage, 2 SUs/hour).

Assumes that you are using the Ubuntu image curated by the Jetstream admins, specifically: Ubuntu 14.04.3 Development GUI

Currently installs as of 2017-03-24:


Read the official instructions to install the latest version of Docker.


On a freshly-created Jetstream instance, become root and then download and run the setup script using these commands:

$ sudo -i
# bash -ex <(curl -s