Acumatica is a leading provider of Cloud ERP and Cloud Accounting software.

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  1. Acuminator

    Acumatica-specific extension for Visual Studio

    C# 11 1

  2. Acumatica-eSign

    eSign Integration for Acumatica

    C# 1 2

  3. Acumatica-Twilio

    Extension that allows to send SMS and Out-bound call type of notification from Acumatica utilizing Twilio API

    C# 2 5

  4. acumatica-surveymonkey

    An extension that allows a SurveyMonkey satisfaction survey to be used with customer support cases

    C# 4 3

  5. FinancialDashboards

    Set of Acumatica Financial Dashboards

    2 3

  6. Acumatica-Smartsheet

    Smartsheet and Acumatica Cloud ERP Integration

    C# 2

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