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Template inliner avoids the problem when to render a large list of objects,
Rails creates a large number of View instances, requiring additional CPU and memory
for each of them.
Example situation:
<% for object in objects %> #1000 times
<%= render :partial => 'object', :locals => { :object => object } %>
<% end %>
Template inliner will include the source of the partial into the
template where it's rendered from before Rails starts processing the template.
To use, just add :inline => true to the 'render' call.
Note, the entire call to render inlined partial must be on the one line for
template inliner to work.
<% for object in objects %> #1000 times
<%= render :partial => 'object', :locals => { :object => object }, :inline => true %>
<% end %>
Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Pluron, Inc. Released under the MIT license.