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Make a marketplace, with WordPress.
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Make a Marketplace, with WordPress

Prospress is a new WordPress plugin that can give your WordPress site its very own auction marketplace.

With Prospress installed, your site's registered users can post auctions, place bids, provide feedback and make payments. Everything needed for a fully functioning marketplace.


Auction Posts - Prospress uses the WordPress publishing system, so publishing an auction is just as enjoyable as publishing your blog.

Feedback - Traders in your marketplace can rate each other after a transaction and view each other's feedback to gain confidence when entering a transaction.

Invoicing & Payments - To finalize transactions, Prospress provides an invoicing system that supports payment with PayPal, credit cards & bank transfers.

See all the great features on the Marketplace Features page.

How-to Install

  1. Upload the Prospress folder into the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate Prospress in the "Plugins" admin panel.

Prospress supports the default TwentyTen theme and will attempt to work with other themes. If you find quirks with your theme, make a post in the Theme Compatibility forum.


Where can I get support?

Please post your questions in the Prospress support forums.

Where can I find documentation?

Don't you hate it when you can't learn how to use new software? Same, which is why Prospress will have a codex. But at this stage, too many hours were consumed writing code, leaving too few for writing documentation.

If have a knack for learning new software, and could improve this sentence, you can help document Prospress. Contact us to get an early-stage author account for the upcoming Prospress Codex.

Where can I report a bug?

Please report bugs in the Prospress Bug Report forum.

Get Involved

If your dreams occasionally contain curly braces, you can contribute to the Prospress code base on GitHub. GitHub makes it easy to contribute. There is great documentation and getting started guides to get you up and running.

If your a wordsmith, polyglot or just someone who loves the idea of a free and open marketplace platform, you can contribute in other ways to the Prospress project. Learn how at


If you have a question not answered here, please ask in the Prospress support forums.

How is Prospress different to other shopping cart plugins?

There are many great shopping cart plugins for WordPress; Prospress isn’t one of them.

With Prospress, registered users can post their own auctions, place bids on the auctions of others, provide feedback and make payments. It creates a many-to-many exchange that differs to the one-to-many exchange of an online store.

Do I need a special theme to use Prospress?

Prospress attempts to work with your existing theme. It's a primary goal of the Prospress project to support existing WordPress themes rather than require a new one.

Due to the gamut of themes, it's likey the built-in templates may display with quirks. If this happens on your site, not to worry, it's really quite easy to make your own templates. Add two custom template files, named - index-auctions.php and single-auction.php, to your theme's base directory and Prospress will use them automatically. Check out the pp-index-auctions.php and pp-single-auction.php files in the prospress/pp-posts/ directory for a guide.

If you need help, ask in the Prospress Theme Compatibility forum.

Where do I view Auctions?

Prospress creates it's own special index page, called auctions. Once you publish your first auction, simply visit this page to view it live.

Can any registered user post an auction?

That's entirely up to you. All registered users with subscriber role or better will be able to place bids and make payments, but you control who can post auctions.

You can host auctions from a privileged few or allow your entire community to trade items. Set permissions under the Prospress | General Settings admin menu.

Is that it?

Nope. There are a few surprises but you'll have to download & explore Prospress to find them, or at least try the Demo Marketplace.

Want to know more?

Visit the Prospress Marketplace Plugin website.

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