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# Build the documentation
docs: book.toml docs-source
docker run \
--rm \
--volume "$$PWD":/data \
hrektts/mdbook \
mdbook build
# Continously rebuild and serve at localhost:3000
.PHONY: serve
serve: book.toml docs-source
docker run \
--rm \
--volume "$$PWD":/data \
--publish 3000:3000 \
--publish 3001:3001 \
hrektts/mdbook \
mdbook serve --hostname
.PHONY: deploy
deploy: docs
netlify deploy \
--dir=docs \
--site=fc1a2240-e6d5-425a-ad02-35b59925a94b \
.PHONY: docker-build
# Make sure to have at least 8 GB RAM allocated for the Docker Engine
# as the compilation is quite resource intensive.
# Otherwise you'll get an 137 or -9 error.
docker build \
--tag adius/tasklite:$$(git describe --tags --dirty) \
--tag adius/tasklite:latest \
.PHONY: clean
-rm -r docs
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