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Releases: ad-si/TaskLite

TaskLite 0.3

01 Mar 21:22
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  • Add edit command to edit YAML version of task in $EDITOR (1add89e)
  • Add several un* commands to erase fields (0f09c3d)
  • Only execute trigger to set closed_utc after state changed (395a8e0)
  • Show descriptive variable names in brief help text (10f8cf6)
  • Hide aliases from main help (c52df72)
  • Display alias errors even with subarguments (c52df72)
  • Fix parsing of timestamp part in ULIDs for small timestamp values (258df47)
  • Also display full version slug with tl version (0c292d1)
  • Remove unnecessary import logging (c04b894)
  • Add git hash to the version string (5f7b1ef)
  • Create config directory if it does not exist (8d0657c)