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A curated list of awesome laser cutting resources.
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Awesome Laser Cutting

A curated list of awesome laser-cutting resources.

Laser Cutter Brands

  • Alpha Laser - Laser devices as a complete solution for applications in materials processing like welding and cutting.
  • BRM Lasers - Engrave and cut many types of materials.
  • Bystronic - Professional laser cutters.
  • Darkly Labs - Affordable entry-level laser cutter for the everyday hobbyist and artist.
  • Epilog Laser - Laser Engraving, Cutting and Marking Systems.
  • Full Spectrum Laster
  • GCC World - Cutting plotters, laser engravers, laser markers, laser cutters, UV-curable inkjet printers, Printer/Cutter and scrapbook cutters.
  • Glowforge - Desktop laser cutters.
  • Laseraxe Customize - Affordable laser cutter suite.
  • Lasersaur - Open source laser cutter.
  • Littlebox - MicroSlice mini laser cutter and engraver.
  • Littlegeektoys
  • Makerarm - Personal fabrication system packed into a single robotic arm.
  • Mr Beam - DIY, open source, 3D printed, portable laser cutter and engraver kit.
  • Primapower - logo Laser and sheet metal machinery.
  • Stepcraft - Universal desktop CNC solution.
  • Toolbotics - Robotic Tools for artists and makers.
  • Trotec Laser - Laser machines for cutting, engraving, etching & marking.
  • Universal Laser Systems - Laser material processing solutions consisting of lasers, laser systems, capability-enhancing accessories, software interfaces and a material processing database.
  • Xenetech - Professional engraving systems.


  • Lasercut.scad - Module for OpenSCAD to create 3D models from 2d lasercut parts.
  • LaserWeb - Node.js based host software for laster-cutters.
  • Makercase - Webapp for designing boxes and project cases for laser cutters and CNC routers.
  • Papercraft - Unfolding STL models to make laser cut patterns.
  • Solvespace - Free parametric 3D CAD tool.


  • FlatFab - Design and fabricate 3D objects.
  • Zotebook - Recognizes rough sketches and turns them into precise drawings.

On Demand Laser Cutting

  • Formulor - Laser cutting and engraving for prototypes and custom products. (Germany, Baden-Baden)
  • Lasergist - Laser-cut designs in pure stainless steel. (Europe)
  • Laserlove - Online laser cutting service. (Germany, Berlin)
  • Ponoko - Laser cutting, 3D printing and metal machining services to turn designs into custom products. (USA, California)
  • Snijlab - Online lasercutting and digital fabrication. (Netherlands, Rotterdam)


Steven Mattern - Designer of objects that engage the idea of play using materials like plywood, paper, concrete, and magnets.

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