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The Symfony2 i18n bundle

RosettaBundle brings you many tools to collect & translate your i18n messages: a set of interactive commands, a customizable workflow, a smart web-profiler panel (to come) and a complete admin interface (to come too).

How it works


  • Collect messages
    • Scan PHP & Twig files
    • Import translation files
  • Translate messages
    • With web-services or manually through commands & interfaces
    • You can affect many translation to a message, rate them & select one
  • Dump translations
    • Standard formats supported: Xliff, Yaml, PHP (and CSV)
    • Only selected translations are dumped


  • Uses Doctrine ORM
  • 3 entities model:
    • Group: stores the bundle & domain
    • Message: stores text, parameters and 2 booleans: isChoice & isKey
    • Translation: stores locale, text, rating and isSelected boolean
  • Locale field is managed by a custom type


  • All collected messages are sent into the workflow system
  • You can build custom tasks to apply treatments
  • 3 tasks are provided:
    • Auto-translation (via a webservice)
    • Auto-selection (highest rated translation is selected)
    • Auto-dumping (selected translations are dumped into trasnaltion file)


The low level API is complete and tested:

  • PHP and Twig files scanners
  • Translation files import and parameters guesser
  • Auto-translation webservices bindings (Bing, Google translate & myGengo)
  • Translation files dumpers (Xliff, Yaml, PHP & CSV)

Translation webservices are not unit tested because of the API keys and the need of an account.

RosettaBundle comes with 3 test commands (import, scan & translate) witch allow to test your configuration by displaying operations result in a nice way.

Warning: scanning some Twig templates throws error because of services not started (for example, Request in a command context). Twig scanner needs a full refactoring.

The core API is complete and partially tested:

  • Backup service done & tested
  • Locator service done & tested
  • Workflow commes with 3 tasks:
    • Translate: use a webservice to auto-translate messages
    • Select: selects highest rated translation
    • Dump: dumps selected translations into i18n files (xliff by default)

Workflow tasks are not currently tested.

Commands in progress:

  • Test commands work well
  • Collector commands needs refactoring
  • More commands to come

Planned interfaces:

  • Web-profiler panel
  • Admin interface



All doc files are stored in Resources/doc folder.


See Resources/meta/LICENSE file.