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You-Get Wrapper

This simple tool can help you use You-Get more conveniently. It supports downloading multiple URLs simultaneously and put them into separate folders named after corresponding titles or into a single folder based on your instruction.


  • No need to change source code after you update You-Get
  • Manage URLs in target list
  • Fetch and show titles of targets (with cache)
  • Manage target list using a json file
  • Download all targets into a single folder
  • Download all targets into separate folders named after their titles
  • Allow users to specify the quality level of targets to be downloaded
  • Multiple targets can be downloaded at the same time
  • Report any failed targets to the user
  • Manage downloading settings using a json file


Gson is used to serialize and deserialize Java Objects into JSON and back.


Change the values of constants in the Controller class before you run it. You can get You-Get from here.

If you are using the .exe executable version of You-Get, please set LOCATION variable to be the directory path which contains your .exe file and set PORTABLE = true.

If you have installed You-Get through a package manager, please set LOCATION = "you-get" and PORTABLE = false.


This software is distributed under the MIT license.