Terrible, awful, almost no good sketch of a probe for profiling distributed systems
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This is a program that keeps track of running processes, their stats, and their open network connections. Processes can be filtered using regexes on the process cmdline property. The regexes must be stored in a config file.

The lib/proc_fs/ library may be used as a standalone library.

Running ProfileProbe

The main executable is bin/ProfileProbe. Running this executable without any environment variables set will start outputting JSON to the screen. This is probably way too much data for anyone, so one can write a config file which specifies regexes to filter by process command line strings.

Assuming you've cloned ProfileProbe into your /vagrant/src/ directory, run:

CONF=/vagrant/src/ProfileProbe/config/example.json /vagrant/src/ProfileProbe/bin/ProfileProbe

to load the example json config file.

Output Structure

Each sample in time is outputted as a JSON data structure. These are each separated by \n\r\n\r values.

The data is stored in a hierarchy. Each section of the output is a diff of this hierarchy. The hierachy roughly looks like:

Time Sample
  `- Processes
      |- Process Values
      `- Sockets
           ` Socket Values

Since the diffing operation is not commutative, diff operations create a new structure containing right-hand side only, left-hand side only, and then actual difference only (just what changed) values.

Internally, each state is represented as a hash in the tree. This is akin to how a Merkle tree works, but with a set of values instead of a block of data. This is used for fast comparisons of states. It can also be used to contruct a chain of states or detecting if a repeat state ever occurs.