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Source repository for the GNAT Bare Metal BSPs
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This repository is used to generate the runtime source trees for AdaCore's bare metal targets.


This repository depends on both gcc and gnat repositories to generate a full runtime. However it can also use the sources from an installed compiler and rely on those to just generate the BSP part of the runtime.

generation of BSPs

./ --output=temp --bsps-only <board1> <board2> ...

The list of supported boards is listed in within build_configs.

building and installing a runtime

Once a BSP is generated, make sure you have setup a GNAT compiler for the board's target, and call gprbuild/gprinstall

gprbuild -P temp/BSPs/<rts_project>.gpr -j0 -f
gprinstall -P temp/BSPs/<rts_project>.gpr -p -f

where -P specified the project file, -j0 specifies to build using all CPUs available on the host, -f forces a full project build.

rts with debug information

To build a runtime with debug information, you can set the scenario variable BUILD to Debug:

gprbuild -P temp/BSPs/<rts_project>.gpr -j0 -XBUILD=Debug -f
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