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* @file Adafruit_SSD1351.h
* This is the documentation for Adafruit's SSD1351 driver for the
* Arduino platform.
* This library works with the Adafruit 1.5" color OLED:
* and 1.27" color OLED:
* These displays use SPI to communicate. SPI requires 4 pins (MOSI, SCK,
* select, data/command) and optionally a reset pin. Hardware SPI or
* 'bitbang' software SPI are both supported.
* Adafruit invests time and resources providing this open source code,
* please support Adafruit and open-source hardware by purchasing
* products from Adafruit!
* This library depends on <a href="">
* Adafruit_GFX</a> being present on your system. Please make sure you have
* installed the latest version before using this library.
* Written by Limor Fried/Ladyada for Adafruit Industries, with
* contributions from the open source community.
* BSD license, all text above must be included in any redistribution.
#ifndef _Adafruit_SSD1351_H_
#define _Adafruit_SSD1351_H_
#include <Adafruit_SPITFT.h>
// These #defines are DEPRECATED but present for older code compatibility:
#define SSD1351WIDTH 128 ///< DEPRECATED screen width
#define SSD1351HEIGHT 128 ///< DEPRECATED screen height, set to 96 for 1.27"
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETCOLUMN 0x15 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETROW 0x75 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_WRITERAM 0x5C ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_READRAM 0x5D ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETREMAP 0xA0 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_STARTLINE 0xA1 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYOFFSET 0xA2 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYALLOFF 0xA4 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYALLON 0xA5 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_NORMALDISPLAY 0xA6 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_INVERTDISPLAY 0xA7 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_FUNCTIONSELECT 0xAB ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYOFF 0xAE ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYON 0xAF ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_PRECHARGE 0xB1 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_DISPLAYENHANCE 0xB2 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_CLOCKDIV 0xB3 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETVSL 0xB4 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETGPIO 0xB5 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_PRECHARGE2 0xB6 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_SETGRAY 0xB8 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_USELUT 0xB9 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_PRECHARGELEVEL 0xBB ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_VCOMH 0xBE ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_CONTRASTABC 0xC1 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_CONTRASTMASTER 0xC7 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_MUXRATIO 0xCA ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_COMMANDLOCK 0xFD ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1351_CMD_HORIZSCROLL 0x96 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_STOPSCROLL 0x9E ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1351_CMD_STARTSCROLL 0x9F ///< Not currently used
@brief Class that stores state and functions for interacting with
SSD1351 OLED displays.
class Adafruit_SSD1351 : public Adafruit_SPITFT {
// NEW CONSTRUCTORS -- recommended for new projects
// 6-7 args using soft SPI (reset optional)
Adafruit_SSD1351(uint16_t width, uint16_t height, int8_t cs_pin,
int8_t dc_pin, int8_t mosi_pin, int8_t sclk_pin,
int8_t rst_pin = -1);
// 5-6 args using hardware SPI (must specify peripheral) (reset optional)
Adafruit_SSD1351(uint16_t width, uint16_t height,
SPIClass *spi, int8_t cs_pin, int8_t dc_pin, int8_t rst_pin = -1);
// DEPRECATED CONSTRUCTORS for back compatibility, avoid in new projects
// 4-5 args using soft SPI (reset optional)
Adafruit_SSD1351(int8_t cs_pin, int8_t dc_pin, int8_t mosi_pin,
int8_t sclk_pin, int8_t rst_pin = -1);
// 2-3 args using default hardware SPI peripheral (reset optional)
Adafruit_SSD1351(int8_t cs_pin, int8_t dc_pin, int8_t rst_pin = -1);
void begin(uint32_t freq = 0),
setRotation(uint8_t r),
invertDisplay(boolean i), // Preferred syntax (same as other screens)
invert(boolean i), // For compatibility with old code
setAddrWindow(uint16_t x, uint16_t y, uint16_t w, uint16_t h);
#endif // _Adafruit_SSD1351_H_
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