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Add simple python3 support
Fix debug populating variables
Update pug dependency
Updates to installer and uninstaller
Initial pre-release of the simplified webide
Add missing cookie package
Fixes for installation errors
Fix some deprecated messages
Fix for settings being undefined in offline mode
Include support for Angstrom (Beaglebone)
Re-brand as the Adafruit webIDE
Update README with better manual installation instructions (Thanks adamboutcher!)
Update tty.js dependencies for issue #178
Add more transports for to resolve websocket issues.
Fix for renaming file selection deleting unsaved editor file contents.
Handle file rename errors, including detecting renames with same name.
Github support.
- Ability to enable with --github as the default
- Advanced setting.
- Requires manual ssh key setup as of yet.
- Most commands are treated as manual mode for now (manual commits, etc).
New Offline mode
- Ability to install with --offline as the default
- need to manually commit, and push changes (similar to the manual git setting)
- Bypasses bitbucket OAuth
Ability to refresh directories from within the navigator
New option to clone repositories without updating remote to bitbucket
New right-click context menu option to update repositories from remote (origin/master for now)
New Report Bug Link added to footer
New confirmation dialog for navigating away from unsaved changes...Save Files/Don't Save/Cancel
Editor is set to readOnly for any files that shouldn't change (README, update notes), including empty editor window while navigating.
Deleting a file or project will now also delete a corresponding scheduled job from the queue.
Errors cloning repositories are sent to the front-end now.
Error handling for most git commands now. Notifications visible in webide for failures.
New Error pages for any issues with the system failing to show pages. Links to ALS WebIDE FAQ for help.
New Error page specifically for OAuth failures. Adds a button to execute a script to help set the date and time.
Attempt to set the date on the Pi during installation to prevent OAuth errors.
Creating files and folders will automatically open them in the editor and navigator.
Uploaded files will always use the current working directory, instead of uploading to the parent directory now.
git pull commands are now using the quiet (-q) flag.
Editor setting for supporting adding a Make link in the editor action bar if a Makefile is detected in the cwd. Not enabled by default.
Update Font Awesome to latest version
Fix for git commit and push when settings are already configured
Modify for better performance
Fix crashing on startup of new installations.
Fix for code not getting pushed out to remote repository.
List folders and files alphabetically.
Remove long running call causing slowdowns.
Add four new settings to the Settings Page
-Use Soft Tabs (on or off)
-Tab Size (2, 4, 6, or 8)
-Show Invisibles (on or off) (shows whitespaces, tabs and spaces, etc)
-Manual Git Commits and Pushes
Add ability to manually commit and push file changes. This includes adding comments.
-Do a git status on the file to check if it is in need of a commit and push, and populate editor bar.
Set editor defaults to use soft tabs with a setting of 4 tab size, and show invisibles off
Add a default .gitignore file to reduce chance of .pyc files getting pushed out to bitbucket.
Fix for the terminal getting out of sync with the editor
Prevent overwriting of Adafruit project files
Update manual installation instructions
Install node.js as part of installation again.
Navigator: Add ability to create folders at all levels.
Debugger: Fix display of local vs global variables.
Terminal: Set terminal width based on containing parent, use entire width and height.
Terminal: Resize browser window resizes terminal appropriately.
Remove file creation and uploads in adafruit repository (it would fail anyways) project
Fix for debugger hanging when stderr is written from script being debug.
New Python Debugger
Upgrade Node.js to 0.8 (new installations only)
Include Node.js binaries with WebIDE
Fix Cloning repositories originating from Bitbucket.
Run visualizer as sudo to allow access to GPIO
New visualization feature for Python
Added ability to change font sizes in the editor and the terminal
New settings manager added, currently only has font size, but more can be added
Fix for long file names causing strange wrapping
Fix server failing to start on reboot of Pi.
Fix for false redirects to /setup even if bitbucket and git is already configured.
Change page title based on what directory or file is open.
Update Ace to the latest version, fixing line numbering
Detect if port 80 is in use during install, and try 3000 instead.
Set path to open editor at end of install script to actual hostname.
Install python-smbus as part of the installation process.
Add symlink for repositories to webide users home path.
Fix for closing the schedule manager breaking the editor toolbar.
Set default as using hard tabs for editing files for now.
Job scheduler for automating script execution. Run a script "every 15 minutes", for example.
Schedule manager for toggling jobs, and deleting jobs.
Move terminal inline with the editor for faster run/code workflow.
Focus editor when running code.
Notifications while running scripts in editor bar.
Focus the editor in many more situations, for example, when opening a file, it will give focus to the editor.
Add "Command-Enter", or "Ctrl-Enter" command to run scripts, this is in addition to "Command-S" and "Ctrl-S" to save.
Update Bitbucket logos with new design.
Add option to change port number in /config, and persist in Redis, surviving updates.
Ensure only one instance of restartd is running during installation
Add ALS Guide: tag to the initial Readme
Message System for various notifications
Explicitly set is_private when creating repositories
New installation procedure to fix many of the initial installation issues with 0.1.9 and earlier.
Reduce memory consumption by 10-20mb.
Include the majority of dependencies with the editor archive.
New startup and process monitor procedure.
Run as 'webide' user to isolate from 'pi' user, 'webide' has similar permissions as 'pi' for GPIO and I2C.
Add 'webide' to I2C group
Default to run as sudo for now.
Add /config page to change hostname and basic wifi.
Use port 80 instead of 3000 as the default.
Add new error and exception logging to help troubleshoot.
Give focus back to the editor when closing the terminal.
Add confirmation to prevent accidental navigation away from the editor.
Fix context menu so that it displays properly in firefox.
Add notification of activity while creating files and folders.
Update documentation for new features.
Fix for Editor dependency changes causing server startup failure for new installations.
Set Hostname on each request, to allow access from internal or external IP's without restarting.
Fix for the error with deserializing the session after restarting the server.
Remove pre-populated values from /setup as that path isn't authenticated.
Move update location of editor archive to github downloads.
Automate setting of hostname using
Add port to config file.
Add git as a dependency for installation.
Perform more validations in the /setup page to ensure all the parameters are sent.
Fix for /setup using wrong parm full_name instead of name.
Minor fix of cloning repositories
Test of new update functionality
Add Offline Mode.
Update Logo to add Alpha.
Add release information directly to repository
Allow file uploads in project folders.
Open images in an overlay, instead of the editor.
Queue git push requests for every 30 seconds (configurable) instead of constant after saving files, etc.
Fix ssh config from continually appending the bitbucket host info.
Remove context menu when viewing the Adafruit repository.
Replace spaces in file names with underscores for now.
Remove update link after clicking update.
Move jquery dependency to local copy.
Add validation to some of the parms for xss and trimming.
Fix for Firefox updating. Missing event parameter
Add folder icon for folders to better differentiate
Add Favicon
Add Context Menu
Rename files and folders in context menu
Delete files and folders in context menu
Remove old settings icon
Update the Navigator Back to use entire blue area, rather than just link
Create logs folder on server startup, and log stdout and stderr for now
Fix for copying adafruit projects when a file is open.
Update installation scripts
Add new script for init.d
Modify to install the editor as a service
Change title in browser
Fix editor path issue for forever-monitor
Add Uninstall script
Display notice of browser attempting to reconnect to server
Hide Log out button when not signed in.
Add run link to Adafruit projects.
Fix create form causing issues when open and navigating
Remove settings icon when viewing Adafruit repository
Add color to the settings icon when it is enabled
Update Editor self-check.
Editor initializes faster.
Add Footer for Editor Version
Show version in Update Text in Navbar
Show update notes in editor while updating
Fix for path issues with new editor file structure.
Add login page styling