Scheduled job parser getting intervals wrong #179

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Slugsie commented Mar 26, 2013

WebIDE v0.3.6
Wheezy 2013-02-09

I'm trying to schedule a Python script to run "every 1 hour". The Job scheduler accepts that, and that is how it appears in the Schedule manager. However the script actually runs every minute. Similarly if I schedule it for "every 2 hours", it still runs every minute.


jwcooper commented Mar 26, 2013

If you change the word "every" to "after", it will work in hour increments. I ran into this same issue during development, and you can see one of the examples I have in the scheduling overlay is for "after 1 hour". I'm not sure about the best way to fix this one yet, I may just change it so "every" is equivalent to "after" in the WebIDE, since that's what the majority of users will want.

Here is a bit more on why this is:
bunkat/later#2 (comment)

Slugsie commented Mar 26, 2013

Thanks for the update.

I may just be being picky, but the words 'after' and 'every' convey different meanings to me. I can probably best illustrate this with an example:

"after 2 hours, every 10 minutes"

That to me would mean 'wait 2 hours, then after that do the action every 10 minutes'.

However I don't have a problem with 'after' and 'every' being synonymous, as long as it's documented. :)

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