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jpbot commented Mar 2, 2013

As written the backpack library turns on all 8 outputs for the "colon" row. This patch changes that to only set the output for the colon on big (1.2") 7-segment display. There still is no library control for the three other dots.

euoia commented on 7722728 Mar 14, 2013

Hi there! I also have the 1.2" 7-segment display and made a similar fix for the python libraries. I was wondering - have you found any way to switch on just the lower dot of the middle colon? I want to use it as a decimal place. I can switch on the other dots individually, but not either of the center ones. Thanks!


check out the data sheet, The center colon is tied together internally, remember it's designed as a clock display.


I changed this line in the .cpp file but I still can not get the colon to come on without the dp? I am not very good a programing and am just trying to build a clock. I have been able to get my clock working but I have had to put electrical tape over the extra colon and dp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

void loop() {

DateTime now =;

matrix.writeDigitNum(0, now.hour()/10); //Lights up the 10's hours
matrix.writeDigitNum(1, now.hour()%10); // Lights up the 1's hours
boolean drawColon = false;
matrix.writeDigitNum(3, now.minute()/10); // Lights up the 10's minutes
matrix.writeDigitNum(4, now.minute()%10); // Lights up the 1's minutes


jpbot replied May 8, 2013

Indeed! 22 was a typo. There is a newer commit where the correct value (2) is on that line. See the commit 7722728

@tdicola tdicola merged commit 1a0730f into adafruit:master Jun 27, 2014
tdicola commented Jun 27, 2014

Thanks for sending the pull and apologies it took so long to be reviewed. Tested out the change on the 0.5" 7 segment display and didn't see issues, only the colon dots turn on. I don't have a 1.2" display to test with right now, but see that it should work for that too. Will double check when I have a display, but am comfortable merging now. Thanks!

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