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import os
import random
import time
import board
import audioio
from adafruit_crickit import crickit
# Hal button-and-voice example
# Button connected to Signal pin #1 & ground:
BUTTON = crickit.SIGNAL1
crickit.seesaw.pin_mode(BUTTON, crickit.seesaw.INPUT_PULLUP)
# LED connected to 5V & Drive pin #1:
LED = crickit.drive_1
LED.duty_cycle = 65535
# Find all Wave files in CIRCUITPY storage:
WAVEFILES = [file for file in os.listdir("/")
if (file.endswith(".wav") and not file.startswith("._"))]
print("Audio files found:", WAVEFILES)
# Audio playback object:
AUDIO = audioio.AudioOut(board.A0)
# Function to play a wave file in its entirety:
def play_file(wavfile):
print("Playing", wavfile)
with open(wavfile, "rb") as f:
wav = audioio.WaveFile(f)
while AUDIO.playing:
LED.duty_cycle = random.randint(5000, 30000)
LED.duty_cycle = 65535
while True:
if not crickit.seesaw.digital_read(BUTTON):
# Play a random wave file
# Then wait for button to be released
while not crickit.seesaw.digital_read(BUTTON):
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