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import time
from import cpx
# pylint: disable=redefined-outer-name
def upright(x, y, z):
x_up = abs(x) < accel_threshold
y_up = abs(y) < accel_threshold
z_up = abs(9.8 - z) < accel_threshold
return x_up and y_up and z_up
def left_side(x, y, z):
x_side = abs(9.8 - x) < accel_threshold
y_side = abs(y) < accel_threshold
z_side = abs(z) < accel_threshold
return x_side and y_side and z_side
state = None
hold_end = None
accel_threshold = 2
hold_time = 1
while True:
x, y, z = cpx.acceleration
if left_side(x, y, z):
if state is None or not state.startswith("left"):
hold_end = time.monotonic() + hold_time
state = "left"
print("Entering state 'left'")
elif (state == "left"
and hold_end is not None
and time.monotonic() >= hold_end):
state = "left-done"
print("Entering state 'left-done'")
elif upright(x, y, z):
if state != "upright":
hold_end = None
state = "upright"
print("Entering state 'upright'")
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