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* @file Adafruit_SSD1306.h
* This is part of for Adafruit's SSD1306 library for monochrome
* OLED displays:
* These displays use I2C or SPI to communicate. I2C requires 2 pins
* (SCL+SDA) and optionally a RESET pin. SPI requires 4 pins (MOSI, SCK,
* select, data/command) and optionally a reset pin. Hardware SPI or
* 'bitbang' software SPI are both supported.
* Adafruit invests time and resources providing this open source code,
* please support Adafruit and open-source hardware by purchasing
* products from Adafruit!
* Written by Limor Fried/Ladyada for Adafruit Industries, with
* contributions from the open source community.
* BSD license, all text above, and the splash screen header file,
* must be included in any redistribution.
#ifndef _Adafruit_SSD1306_H_
#define _Adafruit_SSD1306_H_
// ONE of the following three lines must be #defined:
//#define SSD1306_128_64 ///< DEPRECTAED: old way to specify 128x64 screen
#define SSD1306_128_32 ///< DEPRECATED: old way to specify 128x32 screen
//#define SSD1306_96_16 ///< DEPRECATED: old way to specify 96x16 screen
// This establishes the screen dimensions in old Adafruit_SSD1306 sketches
#if defined(ARDUINO_STM32_FEATHER)
typedef class HardwareSPI SPIClass;
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#if defined(__AVR__)
typedef volatile uint8_t PortReg;
typedef uint8_t PortMask;
#elif defined(__SAM3X8E__)
typedef volatile RwReg PortReg;
typedef uint32_t PortMask;
#elif (defined(__arm__) || defined(ARDUINO_FEATHER52)) && \
typedef volatile uint32_t PortReg;
typedef uint32_t PortMask;
/// The following "raw" color names are kept for backwards client compatability
/// They can be disabled by predefining this macro before including the Adafruit
/// header client code will then need to be modified to use the scoped enum
/// values directly
#define BLACK SSD1306_BLACK ///< Draw 'off' pixels
#define WHITE SSD1306_WHITE ///< Draw 'on' pixels
#define INVERSE SSD1306_INVERSE ///< Invert pixels
/// fit into the SSD1306_ naming scheme
#define SSD1306_BLACK 0 ///< Draw 'off' pixels
#define SSD1306_WHITE 1 ///< Draw 'on' pixels
#define SSD1306_INVERSE 2 ///< Invert pixels
#define SSD1306_MEMORYMODE 0x20 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_COLUMNADDR 0x21 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_PAGEADDR 0x22 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETCONTRAST 0x81 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_CHARGEPUMP 0x8D ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SEGREMAP 0xA0 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYALLON_RESUME 0xA4 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYALLON 0xA5 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1306_NORMALDISPLAY 0xA6 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_INVERTDISPLAY 0xA7 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETMULTIPLEX 0xA8 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYOFF 0xAE ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYON 0xAF ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_COMSCANINC 0xC0 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1306_COMSCANDEC 0xC8 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETDISPLAYOFFSET 0xD3 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETDISPLAYCLOCKDIV 0xD5 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETPRECHARGE 0xD9 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETCOMPINS 0xDA ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETVCOMDETECT 0xDB ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_SETLOWCOLUMN 0x00 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1306_SETHIGHCOLUMN 0x10 ///< Not currently used
#define SSD1306_SETSTARTLINE 0x40 ///< See datasheet
#define SSD1306_EXTERNALVCC 0x01 ///< External display voltage source
#define SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC 0x02 ///< Gen. display voltage from 3.3V
#define SSD1306_RIGHT_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL 0x26 ///< Init rt scroll
#define SSD1306_LEFT_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL 0x27 ///< Init left scroll
#define SSD1306_VERTICAL_AND_RIGHT_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL 0x29 ///< Init diag scroll
#define SSD1306_VERTICAL_AND_LEFT_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL 0x2A ///< Init diag scroll
#define SSD1306_DEACTIVATE_SCROLL 0x2E ///< Stop scroll
#define SSD1306_ACTIVATE_SCROLL 0x2F ///< Start scroll
#define SSD1306_SET_VERTICAL_SCROLL_AREA 0xA3 ///< Set scroll range
// Deprecated size stuff for backwards compatibility with old sketches
#if defined SSD1306_128_64
#define SSD1306_LCDWIDTH 128 ///< DEPRECATED: width w/SSD1306_128_64 defined
#define SSD1306_LCDHEIGHT 64 ///< DEPRECATED: height w/SSD1306_128_64 defined
#if defined SSD1306_128_32
#define SSD1306_LCDWIDTH 128 ///< DEPRECATED: width w/SSD1306_128_32 defined
#define SSD1306_LCDHEIGHT 32 ///< DEPRECATED: height w/SSD1306_128_32 defined
#if defined SSD1306_96_16
#define SSD1306_LCDWIDTH 96 ///< DEPRECATED: width w/SSD1306_96_16 defined
#define SSD1306_LCDHEIGHT 16 ///< DEPRECATED: height w/SSD1306_96_16 defined
@brief Class that stores state and functions for interacting with
SSD1306 OLED displays.
class Adafruit_SSD1306 : public Adafruit_GFX {
// NEW CONSTRUCTORS -- recommended for new projects
Adafruit_SSD1306(uint8_t w, uint8_t h, TwoWire *twi = &Wire,
int8_t rst_pin = -1, uint32_t clkDuring = 400000UL,
uint32_t clkAfter = 100000UL);
Adafruit_SSD1306(uint8_t w, uint8_t h, int8_t mosi_pin, int8_t sclk_pin,
int8_t dc_pin, int8_t rst_pin, int8_t cs_pin);
Adafruit_SSD1306(uint8_t w, uint8_t h, SPIClass *spi, int8_t dc_pin,
int8_t rst_pin, int8_t cs_pin, uint32_t bitrate = 8000000UL);
// DEPRECATED CONSTRUCTORS - for back compatibility, avoid in new projects
Adafruit_SSD1306(int8_t mosi_pin, int8_t sclk_pin, int8_t dc_pin,
int8_t rst_pin, int8_t cs_pin);
Adafruit_SSD1306(int8_t dc_pin, int8_t rst_pin, int8_t cs_pin);
Adafruit_SSD1306(int8_t rst_pin = -1);
bool begin(uint8_t switchvcc = SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC, uint8_t i2caddr = 0,
bool reset = true, bool periphBegin = true);
void display(void);
void clearDisplay(void);
void invertDisplay(bool i);
void dim(bool dim);
void drawPixel(int16_t x, int16_t y, uint16_t color);
virtual void drawFastHLine(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t w, uint16_t color);
virtual void drawFastVLine(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t h, uint16_t color);
void startscrollright(uint8_t start, uint8_t stop);
void startscrollleft(uint8_t start, uint8_t stop);
void startscrolldiagright(uint8_t start, uint8_t stop);
void startscrolldiagleft(uint8_t start, uint8_t stop);
void stopscroll(void);
void ssd1306_command(uint8_t c);
bool getPixel(int16_t x, int16_t y);
uint8_t *getBuffer(void);
inline void SPIwrite(uint8_t d) __attribute__((always_inline));
void drawFastHLineInternal(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t w, uint16_t color);
void drawFastVLineInternal(int16_t x, int16_t y, int16_t h, uint16_t color);
void ssd1306_command1(uint8_t c);
void ssd1306_commandList(const uint8_t *c, uint8_t n);
SPIClass *spi;
TwoWire *wire;
uint8_t *buffer;
int8_t i2caddr, vccstate, page_end;
int8_t mosiPin, clkPin, dcPin, csPin, rstPin;
PortReg *mosiPort, *clkPort, *dcPort, *csPort;
PortMask mosiPinMask, clkPinMask, dcPinMask, csPinMask;
#if ARDUINO >= 157
uint32_t wireClk; // Wire speed for SSD1306 transfers
uint32_t restoreClk; // Wire speed following SSD1306 transfers
uint8_t contrast; // normal contrast setting for this device
// Allow sub-class to change
SPISettings spiSettings;
#endif // _Adafruit_SSD1306_H_
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