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Hi! Not sure if you're interested in accepting commits, but these are a few I made while hacking your excellent belt. Sadly, I've got the old chipset and I assume all new development will be with the self-PWMing setup.

I am interested in publishing the functions I make too, if you folks are into that. Here's one I cooked up today:

However it'll take some time for me to put these in a committable form.



hobzcalvin added some commits Aug 28, 2011
@hobzcalvin hobzcalvin Add shorter-named set() function
I'm writing a bunch of code that sets pixels; typing all those
characters every time gets annoying. set() just calls the existing
function.  Also, my editor removes trailing whitespace automatically, so
that happened.
@hobzcalvin hobzcalvin Add .gitignore
Why not?
@hobzcalvin hobzcalvin Add set*() function that takes a single color parameter
Sometimes I want to pass around colors as a single variable.
@hobzcalvin hobzcalvin Add get() function to return color variable at strip location
So we can query what's going on at a particular location.
@hobzcalvin hobzcalvin Add brightness setting
Lets the user dim the strip when less brightness is needed, saving
battery life and preventing seizures. nextBrightness() takes care of the
looping, allowing for simple control.
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