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#include <WProgram.h>
#define HT1632_READ 0x6
#define HT1632_WRITE 0x5
#define HT1632_COMMAND 0x4
#define HT1632_SYS_DIS 0x00
#define HT1632_SYS_EN 0x01
#define HT1632_LED_OFF 0x02
#define HT1632_LED_ON 0x03
#define HT1632_BLINK_OFF 0x08
#define HT1632_BLINK_ON 0x09
#define HT1632_SLAVE_MODE 0x10
#define HT1632_MASTER_MODE 0x14
#define HT1632_INT_RC 0x18
#define HT1632_EXT_CLK 0x1C
#define HT1632_PWM_CONTROL 0xA0
#define HT1632_COMMON_8NMOS 0x20
#define HT1632_COMMON_16NMOS 0x24
#define HT1632_COMMON_8PMOS 0x28
#define HT1632_COMMON_16PMOS 0x2C
class HT1632 {
HT1632(int8_t data, int8_t wr, int8_t cs, int8_t rd = -1);
void begin(uint8_t type);
void clrPixel(uint16_t i);
void setPixel(uint16_t i);
void blink(boolean state);
void setBrightness(uint8_t pwm);
void clearScreen();
void fillScreen();
void writeScreen();
void dumpScreen();
int8_t _data, _cs, _wr, _rd;
uint8_t ledmatrix[48]; // 16 * 24 / 8
uint8_t sendcommand(uint8_t c);
void writedata(uint16_t d, uint8_t bits);
void writeRAM(uint8_t addr, uint8_t data);
class HT1632LEDMatrix {
HT1632LEDMatrix(uint8_t data, uint8_t wr, uint8_t cs1);
HT1632LEDMatrix(uint8_t data, uint8_t wr, uint8_t cs1, uint8_t cs2);
HT1632LEDMatrix(uint8_t data, uint8_t wr, uint8_t cs1,
uint8_t cs, uint8_t cs3);
HT1632LEDMatrix(uint8_t data, uint8_t wr, uint8_t cs1,
uint8_t cs2, uint8_t cs3, uint8_t cs4);
void begin(uint8_t type);
void clearScreen(void);
void fillScreen(void);
void blink(boolean b);
void setBrightness(uint8_t brightness);
void writeScreen();
uint8_t width();
uint8_t height();
void clrPixel(uint8_t x, uint8_t y);
void setPixel(uint8_t x, uint8_t y);
void drawPixel(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t color);
HT1632 *matrices;
uint8_t matrixNum, _width, _height;
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