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I have added improved support for the 32*8 configuration.

My module is JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock HT1632C Driver.

I have also added support for vertical multi-panel configuration as well as horizontal.

HT1632LEDMatrix now sets _width, and _height to 0 on construction, and sets it out properly when you call begin(), because that's when you know the dimensions of the module(s).

The conversion of x,y to pixel number is now deferred to inside the HT1632::setPixel(x,y) function.
NOTE: There may be another configuration option needed here. For my matrix, I needed to do "7 - (x%8)" because when drawn, each 8*8 module was the wrong way around.

mic159 added some commits Apr 30, 2012
@mic159 mic159 Adding better support for 8 * 32 setups 1ee5e51
@mic159 mic159 Added parameter to begin() to set the multi-matrix extension mode (ve…

Refactored _width, _height variables to be set on call to begin(), rather than guessing what the user wants.
Improved choosing which panel to set the pixel on.

Hi Mic,

Could you give some instructions for getting text scrolling with a single 3208 unit?

Thanks and great work!!


Is there any chance this will be merged in someday?

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