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SPI_VFD Library - Hello World
Demonstrates the use a 20x2 VFD display. The SPI_VFD
library works with all VFD displays that are compatible with the
NEC PD16314 driver and has the SPI pins brought out
This sketch prints to all the positions of the LCD using the
setCursor() method:
The circuit:
* VFD Clock to digital pin 2
* VFD Data to digital pin 3
* VFD Chip select to digital pin 4
* VFD VCC (power) to 5V
* VFD Ground (power) to Ground
Library originally added 18 Apr 2008
by David A. Mellis
library modified 5 Jul 2009
by Limor Fried (
example added 9 Jul 2009
by Tom Igoe
modified 22 Nov 2010
by Tom Igoe
This example code is in the public domain.
// include the library code:
#include <SPI_VFD.h>
// these constants won't change. But you can change the size of
// your LCD using them:
const int numRows = 2;
const int numCols = 20;
// initialize the library with the numbers of the interface pins
SPI_VFD vfd(2, 3, 4);
void setup() {
// set up the LCD's number of columns and rows:
void loop() {
// loop from ASCII 'a' to ASCII 'z':
for (int thisLetter = 'a'; thisLetter <= 'z'; thisLetter++) {
// loop over the columns:
for (int thisCol = 0; thisCol < numRows; thisCol++) {
// loop over the rows:
for (int thisRow = 0; thisRow < numCols; thisRow++) {
// set the cursor position:
// print the letter:
#if ARDUINO >= 100
vfd.print(thisLetter, BYTE);
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