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adavoice_face compatible w/recent Adafruit_GFX change

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1 parent 2551f8c commit f141f148b559d6d8f2af9ad9166c3e16fca7cd29 @PaintYourDragon PaintYourDragon committed Jul 9, 2013
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  1. +4 −3 adavoice_face.pde
@@ -65,7 +65,9 @@ unsigned long newsum = 0L;
-Adafruit_8x8matrix matrix[4]; // Array of Adafruit_8x8matrix objects
+Adafruit_8x8matrix matrix[4] = { // Array of Adafruit_8x8matrix objects
+ Adafruit_8x8matrix(), Adafruit_8x8matrix(),
+ Adafruit_8x8matrix(), Adafruit_8x8matrix() };
static uint8_t PROGMEM // Bitmaps are stored in program memory
blinkImg[][8] = { // Eye animation frames
@@ -241,9 +243,8 @@ void setup() {
// Seed random number generator from an unused analog input:
- // Instantiate and initialize each matrix object:
+ // Initialize each matrix object:
for(i=0; i<4; i++) {
- matrix[i] = Adafruit_8x8matrix();

4 comments on commit f141f14


i have no clue what im doing and now im just at my wits end how do i get the code and apply it to my adruino from my mac i just dont understand any of this


i got the wave shield to run but when i try to get the code from get hub it comes up empty


Please visit the Adafruit Customer Support Forums -- -- for assistance getting this working; Github notes are generally for bug reports.

But if it's any help...after downloading the .ZIP and uncompressing, try renaming the two ".pde" files to end in ".ino" instead, see if that improves the situation; you should be able to double-click them (the Arduino IDE will ask to put them in a folder, this is normal and OK).

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