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CircuitPython organization site

To add a new board to the site:

  1. Duplicate to _board/<board id>.md.
  2. Edit _board/<board id>.md according to the template's instructions.
  3. Provide 3 images. An original high-quality image. A smaller image (300 px width), and a larger image (700 px width) in each respective directory (assets/images/boards/{small large original}) and process them in something like to reduce file size. If you only have one image, place it in the 'original' folder.
  4. Create a pull request with the file changes.

To test your changes locally:

  1. You need "ruby" and "ruby-bundler" installed locally. These instructions were tested with ruby 2.5 and ruby-bundler 1.17.3 on a Debian Stretch system.
  2. As needed, git submodule update --init --recursive to fetch the submodules
  3. One time, run bundle config set path 'vendor/bundle' && bundle install
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll serve to generate the site locally
  5. Visit the displayed "server address"
  6. After most local edits, the content will be updated. You will need to reload (ctrl-r or F5) your browser