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Python for Microcontrollers Newsletter

Content for the Adafruit Python for Microcontrollers newsletter. It's emailed out each week on Monday mornings (US time). Sign up to get them here.


The easiest way to contribute is to email your information and any assets to cpnews(at)adafruit(dot)com.

GitHub contributions are also welcome for those comfortable doing so. Please modify the latest draft inside the _drafts directory directly in GitHub rather than fork/clone/branch/edit/PR. Each draft is in the filename in Markdown format. Once you are done editing it will ask if you want to make a Pull Request (PR). Do so and add a description.

The post is queued up Friday afternoons.

If editing is a bit much, post in the Issues, although an email is preferable and highly recommended.

Adding images and animated GIF (assets) in your pull request

Please preface all asset filenames for an issue with the date in the format yyyymmdd then a unique string, re. 20230704neopixel.jpg

Please consider using JPG files for size.

  • All images must be <= 550px wide
  • Please avoid letterboxed images, e.g. images with black bars.

Animated GIFs:

All videos must be in animated GIF format only. There will be no sound. Longer formats may be on a website and linked in rather than embedded.

To reduce GIF filesize, make them smaller or optimise. You can also crop to < 400px wide, and consider five seconds max length.

Gathering stories

While the newsletter has a CircuitPython/MicroPython/Python on single board computers (SBC) focus, there may be stories about the Python community, tools, and related areas.

Check these places for inspiration:


The previous years' newsletter content is archived here.


Community newsletter for Python on Microcontrollers. Please feel free to put your current news, projects, etc. as a PR or Issue.






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