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This is the first CircuitPython branded release of Adafruit's MicroPython derivative. CircuitPython's goal is to make hardware as simple and easy as possible. We renamed to CircuitPython to avoid confusion with upstream MicroPython. We have also reset the version numbering and will note the upstream version each release is based on.

This release is based on MicroPython v1.8.6.

Differences from upstream MicroPython:

  • Port for Atmel SAMD21 (Commonly known as M0 in product names.)
  • No machine API on Atmel SAMD21 port.
  • Only supports Atmel SAMD21 and ESP8266 ports.
  • Unified hardware API: nativeio, microcontroller, board, bitbangio (Only available on atmel-samd21 and ESP8266 currently.)
  • No module aliasing. (uos and utime are not available as os and time respectively.)
  • Modules with a CPython counterpart, such as time, are strict subsets of their CPython version. Therefore, code from CircuitPython is runnable on CPython but not necessarily the reverse.
  • tick count is available as time.monotonic()
  • os only available as uos
  • atmel-samd21 features
    • RGB status LED
    • Auto-reset after file write over mass storage. (Disable with samd.disable_autoreset())
    • Wait state after boot and main run, before REPL.
    • Main is one of these: code.txt,,, main.txt
    • Boot is one of these: settings.txt,,, boot.txt