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#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
// Raw constants for the UART to make the bit timing nice
#if (F_CPU == 16000000)
#define BRRL_9600 103 // for 16MHZ
#define BRRL_192 52 // for 16MHZ
#elif (F_CPU == 8000000)
#define BRRL_9600 52
#define BRRL_192 26
// Debug printing functions - handy!
#define uart_putc(c) uart_putchar(c)
int uart_putchar(char c);
void uart_init(uint16_t BRR);
char uart_getchar(void);
void uart_putc_hex(uint8_t b);
void uart_putw_hex(uint16_t w);
void uart_putdw_hex(uint32_t dw);
void uart_putw_dec(uint16_t w);
void uart_putdw_dec(uint32_t dw);
void uart_puts(const char* str);
void RAM_putstring(char *str);
void ROM_putstring(const char *str, uint8_t nl);
// by default we stick strings in ROM to save RAM
#define putstring(x) ROM_putstring(PSTR(x), 0)
#define putstring_nl(x) ROM_putstring(PSTR(x), 1)
#define nop asm volatile ("nop\n\t")
// some timing functions
void delay_ms(unsigned char ms);
void delay_10us(uint8_t us);
void delay_s(uint8_t s);
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