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/*! \file glcd.h \brief Graphic LCD API functions. */
// File Name : 'glcd.h'
// Title : Graphic LCD API functions
// Author : Pascal Stang - Copyright (C) 2002
// Date : 5/30/2002
// Revised : 5/30/2002
// Version : 0.5
// Target MCU : Atmel AVR
// Editor Tabs : 4
// NOTE: This code is currently below version 1.0, and therefore is considered
// to be lacking in some functionality or documentation, or may not be fully
// tested. Nonetheless, you can expect most functions to work.
/// \ingroup driver_hw
/// \defgroup glcd Graphic LCD API (application programmer's interface) (glcd.c)
/// \code #include "glcd.h" \endcode
/// \par Overview
/// This library (or API) allows you to draw dots, lines, boxes, circles,
/// and text on most monochrome graphic LCDs.  An easily expandable font file
/// (5x7-pixel characters) is provided for all basic ASCII characters
/// (0x20-0x7F hex, 32-127 decimal).  An expandable graphic font file is
/// provided for defining specialty characters or custom icons.  Because this
/// library is designed to work with many different kinds of LCDs, it needs a
/// graphic LCD driver such as ks0108.c to enable it to talk to the LCD.
/// \note For full text-output functionality, you may wish to use the rprintf
/// functions along with this driver.
// This code is distributed under the GNU Public License
// which can be found at
#ifndef GLCD_H
#define GLCD_H
#ifndef WIN32
// AVR specific includes
#include <avr/io.h>
#include "global.h"
#define LINE1 0
#define LINE2 1
#define LINE3 2
#define LINE4 3
#define LINE5 4
#define LINE6 5
#define LINE7 6
#define LINE8 7
#define ON 1
#define OFF 0
#define INVERTED 1
#define NORMAL 0
// API-level interface commands
// ***** Public Functions *****
//! set a dot on the display (x is horiz 0:127, y is vert 0:63)
void glcdSetDot(u08 x, u08 y);
//! clear a dot on the display (x is horiz 0:127, y is vert 0:63)
void glcdClearDot(u08 x, u08 y);
//! draw line
void glcdLine(u08 x1, u08 y1, u08 x2, u08 y2);
//! draw rectangle (coords????)
void glcdRectangle(u08 x, u08 y, u08 a, u08 b);
void glcdFillRectangle(u08 x, u08 y, u08 a, u08 b, u08 color);
//! draw circle of <radius> at <xcenter,ycenter>
void glcdCircle(u08 xcenter, u08 ycenter, u08 radius, u08 color);
//! write a standard ascii charater (values 20-127)
// to the display at current position
void glcdWriteChar(unsigned char c, uint8_t inverted);
//! write a special graphic character/icon
// to the display at current position
void glcdWriteCharGr(u08 grCharIndex);
// ***** Private Functions ***** (or depricated)
void glcdPutStr(char *data, uint8_t inverted);