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I'd like to not repeat myself everywhere, so if you're having
issues running PyTide out of the box, please go to the wiki:


Be aware of how much this project is a work in progress. Stuff
is broken. Stuff doesn't exist. There are doorways that lead
to brick walls or the terrible vacuum of outer space. One of 
the "nifty" things about PyTide is that it's updated frequently
even now, while it barely exists, so while we try to keep
the updates mostly stable, anything can happen. Some updates
will be more stable and useful than others, and we'll make
those ones available for Windows testing via Freeze.

If I could ask for anything in particular as something that 
would help the cause - help expand the WaveImages.txt file
by adding the base64 URLs for any images in Wave you can find.
That would be a huge timesaver for me in the GUI department.

Feel free to start making plugins for the Network. I'm trying
to focus on getting stuff working in a read-only capacity
before anything else, stuff can change without warning, etc.
But it should be safe enough for plugin developers to try to
keep pace with the GWave plugin in terms of features, as they'll
be integrated into the main program at roughly the same rate
as they're coded.