Patch based Discrete Registration.
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PBR: Patch-Based Discrete Registration

Patch-based discrete registration for two n-dimensional volumes (e.g. images or medical 3D volumes).

Quick Start

To quickly register two volumes:

  • download package
  • download required libraries (specified in setup.m)
  • open and modify setup.m, adding necessary paths
  • modify example parameter file config/params.ini. Each parameter has a description.
  • modify example paths file config/paths.ini for the input and output files
  • run registerNii() to register volumes

Parameter Files

The config folder contains an example parameter file params.ini. All parameters are briefly described there.

3D Medical Registration

The config folder contains an example paths input file paths.ini. In essence, this file contains the path to the moving, fixed and output files. Finally, run registerNii('/paths/to/paths.ini', '/paths/to/params.ini') to register the volumes.

2D Image Registration

A wrapper for running 2D registration is in defelopment, but it should be quite easy to run patchreg.multiscale with a params file similar to the one in the config folder.




A.V. Dalca, A. Bobu, N.S. Rost, P. Golland. Patch-Based Discrete Registration of Clinical Brain Images In Proc. MICCAI-PATCHMI Patch-based Techniques in Medical Imaging, LNCS 9993, pp 60-67, 2016.