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Document changes in v0.2.0 and v0.2.1

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+language: en
+layout: page
+title: "Changes in latest versions"
+date: 2012-10-09T16:24:28.045Z
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+navigation: csv
+version 0.2.1
+* Line number in parsing error
+* Asynchronous transformation
+* Have from stream send pause/resume advisories from csv to stream
+* Column property to column name if defined option column defined as an object
+* Pass options in the `from` and `to` functions
+* Function `to.string` receives the number of written records
+* Skip UTF BOM from first data event on UTF-8 decoded stream
+* Fix from array with the column options
+* Travis support
+* More doc about columns and transformation
+* Update and improve samples
+* Backward compatibility width Node.js < 0.8.x
+version 0.2.0
+* Add `to` and `from` convenient functions
+* Documentation generation
+* New generator function and class
+* Full stream support
+* Externalize the parse, stringify and transform functionnalities
+* Rename the `data` event to `record`
+* Test coverage
+* Isolate state into its own file
+* Isolate default options into their own file; Implement `to.options`
+* Convert lib to coffee
+* Rename `from*` and `to*` functions to `from.*` and `to.*`

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