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language: en
layout: page
title: "Node EACH"
-date: 2012-11-14T21:33:20.540Z
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@@ -92,6 +91,7 @@ The `each` function signature is: `each(subject)`.
The return object is an instance of `EventEmitter`.
The following properties are available:
- `paused`
Indicate the state of the current event emitter.
- `readable`
@@ -105,13 +105,15 @@ The following functions are available:
- `write`
Add array elements or key/value pairs to the iteration.
+- `end`
+ Stop the iteration, garanty that no item will be emitted after it is called.
- `parallel`
The second argument is optional and indicate wether or not you want the
iteration to run in `sequential`, `parallel` or `concurrent` mode. See below
for more details about the different modes.
-- `times`
+- `times`
Repeat operation multiple times.
-- `sync`
+- `sync`
Run callbacks in synchronous mode, no next callback are provided, may throw or return an error.
- `files`
Emit file paths based on a directory or globbing expression.
@@ -140,10 +142,10 @@ Parallelization modes
Parallel is `false` or set to `1`, default if no parallel mode is defined.
Callbacks are chained meaning each callback is called once the previous
callback is completed (after calling the `next` function argument).
-- `parallel`
+- `parallel`
Parallel is `true`.
All the callbacks are called at the same time and run in parallel.
-- `concurrent`
+- `concurrent`
Parallel is an integer.
Only the defined number of callbacks is run in parallel.

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